Ur Secure

Ur Secure is a manpower security company based in Central London.

Ur Secure provides security solutions to both local and national customers based in the UK. Ur Secure is dedicated to making both your working environment and your clients feel safe and secure whilst on your premises.

At a time when security is of ever more significance, Ur Secure is dedicated to providing for all you commercial security needs.

Our company strives to provide the very finest prestigious service available within the security industry. Your safety and your property is of the utmost importance to us.

Our prestigious services range from our commercial clients to private security services. Our client’s requirements are paramount to our mission for providing the very finest quality services to our clients.

We will provide you with market leading security services. Our confidence derives from having a very commendable work force ranging from ex-army personnel, ex-policemen and fully trained SIA security guards on guard to support you and your business.

'You really are secure with Ur Secure'

Sam Ishfaq
Managing Director
Ur Secure